Aberlink CNC CMM Inspection

At Rubitec we pride ourselves on producing accurate precision parts for our clients. To improve on our already high standards we are introducing the Aberlink CNC CMM system to ensure our inspection team have the best tools available to provide an even greater, more in depth service.

The Aberlink CNC CMM is an easy to use measurement software programme with a touch sensitive 3D joystick of variable speeds and movements and a comprehensive range of probing options.

With the possibility to manually inspect individual jobs or set a programme to run first offs and completed components, the Aberlink CNC CMM is a versatile, useful tool to quickly and accurately assess the work at hand. The Aberlink CNC CMM will allow the controller to initially set the plane before progressing to measure the component whether that is angular or cylindrical measurements, diameters, threads, depths, widths, lengths or any other number of combinations.

The capabilities of the machine are vast with the ability to inspect workloads effectively and accurately at a greater speed, improving our products and ensuring a greater peace of mind for our clients.